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The Poultney Snowmobile Devils, the local snowmobiling club, has worked tremendously hard to secure permission from landowners in order to establish an extensive and impressive local trail network that ties in with the statewide VAST network. Working throughout the year—be it brush hogging and branch removal or grooming—the club tries to maintain an 8’ to 10’ wide trail in most locations (though sometimes the width is reduced to 5’ or 6’ due to large trees and historic stone walls).

Poultney Snowmobile Devils Local Trails

Know before you go: reach out to the club for all of the information you need to take out your sled this year and get riding, and keep your eye on their blog for club updates!

D&H Rail Trail

The D&H Rail Trail is a multiple use trail open to snowshoers, skiers and snowmobiles in the winter. The northern section has trailheads at both ends. Trail access is available at Castleton State College or along Main Street in Castleton and in Poultney village adjacent to the old train station on Depot Street. Trail access for the southern section is available in West Pawlet village on Egg Street and the south at the intersection of Route 153 and Hebron Road. Learn more about the D&H Rail Trail »

VAST Network Trailhead

Snowmobiling is a popular activity in the winter months and the region is host to an extensive network of trails. The multi-use D&H Rail Trail connects the village of Poultney to Castleton and points beyond. The Poultney Valley Snowmobile Devils are the local Vermont Association of Snowmobile Travelers (VAST) club and maintain the trail network in the area. Access is located on Route 30 north of Poultney Village across the street from York Coach Works. For current trail information and conditions visit the VAST website.

Birdseye WMA

The 3,640-acre Birdseye Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is located in the towns of Ira, Castleton and Poultney. The terrain of this public land ranges from fairly level former pasture and farmland to the steep talus slopes of Birdseye Mountain. A portion of the VAST snowmobile trail network passes through the property and connects snowmobile enthusiasts to more destinations in the area.